SDR Benefits is a local North Carolina health insurance broker located in Mocksville. We specialize in group employee benefits and offer the most competitive and comprehensive benefit packages available to our clients. 


Our goal is to help our clients maintain the lowest cost for benefits, while also offering superior benefit plans to their employees. We take pleasure in providing personalized customer service to our clients as well as their employees.

What our clients are saying...

"I connected with Somer to discuss a health reimbursement plan for a NPO with 1 part-time employee. Even though this scenario really isn’t in her offerings, Somer still took the time to research the situation before we met, had a potential solution at the meeting, and is continuing to work the issue for us to come to a resolution. I am so impressed by her customer service even when there is no financial benefit for her organization. To me that speaks volumes about her character and I recommend her to any business that is currently seeking group employee benefit plans." - Allyson